Every dog is different, and here at Snout And About we tailor our services to meet the unique need of your furry friend. Contact us now and let us walk your dog for one hour for only
10 quid.

Dogs adore exploring diffrerent territory, that's why we have a variety of walking routes and locations to offer the best possible experience. Our 30 minutes package is the most popular and the chepest one, just
5 quid.

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to make sure that your dog is always safe and well looked after within 45 minutes for only
7 pounds.

It's more than just opening a can! Leaving your pets alone for all day when you are at work or shopping isn't just stressful for you, it's potentially stressful for them too. But it doesn't have to be. We will take care of your dog by giving them 3 walks and 2 meals (our food + £5) for
25 pounds.

We provide daily dog walking on weekly packages for all your family's fur babies, big or small, hairy or full of feathers. Our dog walkers are consistent with families, detail oriented, and genuinely involved in the care and health of the four-legged family members. We offer discount for weekly payments.

week package for 30 min/day   £35     £30
week package for 45 min/day   £42     £37
week package for one hour/day   £70     £55
week package for all day sitting   £315     £250

Our in-home overnight care lets you rest easy knowing your pet is relaxed at home with one of our qualified Dog Care Specialists. Each overnight includes three walks, all feeding and regular updates with photos, keeping you informed of how your pet is doing. The package cost for 24 hours is 45 pounds with 3 meals (+£7 our food).

Cancellation policy

Clients should cancel by 8:00am, at least 4 hours before their scheduled walk. If less than 4 hours' notice is provided, then full price applies. Vacation pet sitting clients should provide 24-hours' notice. If 24-hours' notice is not provided, then half price (50%) applies to those visits falling within the 24-hour time frame. On major holidays, 48-hours' notice of cancellation is required or cancellation fees apply. Deposits may be required for pet sitting on major holidays.